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Motiv Named One of Consulting Magazines Fastest Growing Firms in 2017
People First Philosophy Makes Motiv One of Country’s Fastest Growing Firms

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Motivation Nation: The Economy for Model Knowledge Workers

  • Approach

    We believe in people. Specifically, we believe in the ability of people to perform remarkably when paired with work opportunities that align with four critical performance dimensions: Purpose, Persona, Pathway and Proficiency.

    Motiv associates aren’t simply qualified to do the work. They are attuned to certain types of work, based on their personal values, personality, career path and skill set. With a careful evaluative process, and on-going guidance, Motiv is unique in its ability to identify, match and manage knowledge workers in opportunities that create the highest yield for clients.

    With the Motiv Method you not only get someone qualified for the position. You get someone that embraces the work you want them to do as it is continuously aligned to the potential of their human capital.

  • The motiv Method



    1. What are the person’s personal interests, values, motivations?
    2. What is their impetus to perform, to invest their time and intelligence behind your project?

    Motiv partners conduct in-depth interviews with candidates to fully understand what makes the person tick. From evaluating past life and work experiences, we identify the motivating factors for people to perform. By aligning the purpose, values and interests of people with the work they do each day, we find Motiv resources to be more productive, participatory and engaged in their work.

  • The motiv Method



    1. What are the emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual?
    2. How do they relate to others?
    3. In what situations and circumstances do they succeed or struggle?

    Motiv candidates participate in a psychometric study to inventory and classify how they see themselves, perceive the world and make decisions. Being aware and understanding of their persona type, candidates and Motiv partners are better able to identify successful work opportunities and collaboratively manage higher performance over time.

  • The motiv Method



    1. What are a person’s workplace objectives and ambitions?
    2. How do they characterize success?

    Motiv candidates participate in an opportunity mapping process to establish objectives and success-factors for work. Internal drivers (like work: time-sacrifice, autonomy) are evaluated against external drivers (compensation, growth, flexibility) to establish rational expectations, a capabilities road-map and corresponding management plan.

  • The motiv Method



    1. What is a person’s technical proficiency?
    2. What is their domain expertise and capacity for learning?

    Through objective assessments, Motiv develops a performance benchmark for each associate based on the skills required to progress along their Pathway. Beyond certifying the associates proficiency for the work they will be assigned, the assessment affords the opportunity to establish and improve the skills knowledge workers continually need to acquire for their clients.


We believe it’s not simply about finding people to do work. It’s about getting the most out of people on behalf of your business. The key is finding agreement between who people really are and what they want—with the opportunities the market affords. With market savvy across three areas of specialty, you can rely on us to deliver the right people with the right approach every time:


We help organizations deliver today and prepare for the future with high-performance, practical operations plans. In an era of greater resource constraints and rising competitive mandates, our team helps leading organizations resolve some of the most vexing, mission-critical operational challenges with speed, agility and grace. We can take charge of the day-to-day project management, as well as, provide program direction. Ultimately, we become seamless partners to your team.

  • Project & Program Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Risk Management


Technology investments pose both the greatest opportunities and risks companies make today. Our experience in technology has taught us to be responsive, but not reflexive to every opportunity afforded by technology. Whether deploying emerging technologies, refining existing software, or building a custom system, we align technology initiatives to business objectives, helping clients realize the improvements in productivity and operational efficiency which constitute real return for their investment. While we adore technology, we never lose site that its ultimate value is to support a business objective.

  • Business Intelligence
  • UX/UI
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Systems Implementation
  • Security/Governance
  • DevOps


Customers now expect a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however they choose. Motiv works with companies to enable a single, continuous brand experience that transcends the FTE vs Vendor divide to become seamless. This begins by developing a holistic understanding of your organization, while putting the customer at the center of our support approach. Technology and information must be aligned to create complementary, integrated operations – intentionally designed to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all interaction points.
  • Technical Support Agents & Advisors
  • Help Desk
  • Support Engineering
  • HR Operations
  • Learning & Development
  • Recruiting

Why motiv

As we progress through life we all experience opportunities that either embrace or conflict with our interests and beliefs, our personality and social skills, our professional ambitions, and our abilities. By managing them proactively and intentionally, on an ongoing basis, you can be assured that Motiv professionals are aligned with your needs and expectations, both short- and long-term.

Companies are moving fast to capitalize on market opportunity. Motiv resources meet the mandate for scale, speed and specialization. Roles and accountability remain clear, while the efforts, energies and exchanges between people are borderless.

It's a simple formula. When we align smart people with projects they love, business interests and human capabilities advance.


Motiv Culture

Derived from “motive,” the word captures our compelling drive to produce, contribute and achieve in the knowledge economy.

Motiv embodies the personal character of our people. Our people are predisposed to take action against business objectives. We don't simply work to stay busy, because life is too short, and opportunities are far too grand. Rather, we're energized by projects that allow us to accomplish a goal, master a skill, overcome a challenge, and do meaningful work we're proud of.